Sunset in New York

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Poetry
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Sliding across the avenue

your yellow sundress captured me

and blocks later the sunlight

such delicious energy

parting your legs

as my eyes traveled far watching

inner thighs in motion

yet the anticipated glancing

didn’t occur

You turned smiled as my eyes

raised themselves with a blush

moved through the crowd being sure

to let my gait run up behind you

red light

you have me as  I press

my hips against you

Feel me in anticipation

growing hard in the middle of a daytime

stroll through the Avenues

I want you to wrap your hands behind me and pull me against you

but you smile as my breath teases your skin

wait a gentle push of your buttocks to let me know

your naked in that fabric I already knew

sweet delights await our passions

Oh, to be on Park Avenue tonight

wanton and delicious.

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