Too Easy

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Essays
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He sat down and the moment began. A chatter nearby attracted his attention. Two women, certainly older and definitely experiencing the last minutes of happy hour. A couple of chuckles and he was in the conversation. She looked at him with a skeptical eye and asked what he was doing in this place, he was ten years younger than anyone else. He stated he enjoyed the ambiance and that brought the smile to her face he had hoped for. In the next moment after a flurry of dialogue she dropped her keys next to his beer glass and said I’m too drunk to drive, you’re going to have to take me home. Stunned he nearly exploded in his jeans at the notion, but that was tempered for a few minutes when her girlfriend started to rationalize with her through the four or five gin and tonics she’d ingested in the last half hour. Together they talked about making good choices and he let his knee slide up against hers while her girlfriend began failing her dialogue. While her left hand cupped her chin listening and visibly bored to her girlfriend’s laments, her right hand slipped off the bar and landed on that exploring knee, and with a slight squeeze her fingertips taught him patience was the best advice without words for the moment. He decided a walk to the john might be a good strategy and politely excused himself while sliding his fingertips over her lovely hand in as much of a discreet caress he hoped to provide and slowly ambled toward the bathroom. Once inside he stared at a mirror for a couple of minutes and noticed a young man with a perpetual smile and a hard on that measured a good distance to the sink through tight jeans. A minor adjustment and he could walk again back to the bar. She was alone as he suspected, said her girlfriend finally caved and went home. He asked politely how she might get home and she looked at his crotch and said ‘I expect you will drive me home” and chuckled in the blind swirl of her afternoon tonic.  (to be continued)

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