I Grew Up

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Poetry
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I grew up

liking you, appreciating you, being fascinated

about everything you represented in my life

I recall the first time I found you

Thirteen, maybe twelve years into deciding

and fascination began in a little journal of parchment

with leaves and skin, at first a lot of leaves

like a blanket of autumn erotica

enveloping your beauty

It was then I noticed your eyes

sparkling, wanton, delicious

asking me anything

I complied by loving you

turning the pages to find more of you moving

sliding inside the leaves letting your legs leave

the shade of their soft though teasing composition


There, I watched your fingertips tease and brush open your nipple

a breast and my gasp is audible as now your eyes sparkle

inside the enticing nature of your elegance.

I really did fall in love with you that day

Every one of you that walks inside my dreams

I am one amongst all of you

in Grace, welcoming every aspect of beauty

beyond a need to define, simply a desire to incline

You are so very real and blessed

Inside my longings and frantic needs

I grew up

  1. seannapearl says:

    So lovely. Thank you for stopping by~ Sea


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