Too Easy (prose) the drive

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Essays
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Drinks finished, they moved through the now crowding cocktail hour. He was a little shocked to be leaving so early, the late afternoon sun was just dipping below the horizon. As he slipped into the driver’s seat, he recalled letting her into the passenger seat and recognized her gait and balance were great for having been two sauced to drive. He smiled, glanced back at the tavern marquis and made a mental note to return very soon. She had delicate and swift hands that found his inner thighs quickly as he pulled onto the avenue. She said Porter’s Vista and he silently whispered ‘score’ into his head, the perpetual smile remained.

Safely tucked into a ridge overlooking the city, their lips found each other quickly, hands unbuttoning and caressing, his slipping the blouse off of her shoulders exposing her delicious skin. As the fabric fell behind her, he let his fingertips brush nipples that allowed gasps with a light tap and swirl of his hands while his tongue drove delicious into her mouth, her reciprocating with driving desire, jeans unbuttoned and fingertips cupping his erection with soft concern. His lips dropped off of hers without retreat and followed her skin across shoulders to the nape of her neck finding a breast that with her hand cupped underneath enveloped his searching mouth, tongue drawing circles around while she began stroking him slowly, a chuckle emanating from her throat as his mouth deftly drew a nipple deep with teeth that played a soft little game around her areola. Breasts exposed he buried his head between them and found her legs open and calling allowing the thin fabric of her skirt to slide well past her knees and he began massaging her wetness with each touch, her tongue now darting into his ear, hand enveloping a very hard and happy cock and fingertips caressing her passion to a rhythm that carried them beyond any delay until soon she straddled him and the drive began. Occasional moments he felt in control, so he slowed his rhythm playing her gasps, she no longer searching his eyes, simply now wanting all of his cock to penetrate her with every slide. Her hips, svelte with delight began to rock him as he sat back in the driver’s seat burying his mouth and lips upon her breasts taking turns and letting him lose a nipple as she bounced now feverish on his cock, until with certainty he was no longer in control and she drove him home, efficiently, purposely her wetness dripping upon his thighs as her moans took over the moment and then rested on his young manhood, happy and erect. He began to wonder if this was it feeling the chill of the night dew on his naked skin noticing the steamed windows from a long and well meant journey of sensual release. She looked into his eyes with delight, not love, only lustful and unbridled and smiled as she felt him slowly leave her. Quickly she jumped off his hips, dropped her skirt, fell back into the seat, a hand on her forehead and let out a wonderful sigh, turned her eyes to him that indicated she wasn’t yet done.

Her hands caressed his cock again, every touch sending pulses of delight to his brain. She leaned and let her tongue swirl the spent semen hanging on the head of his cock, sucked him in quickly and let him drive the back of his head into the seat rest of the car, his eyes widening with the wonder of her insatiable passion and amazing ability. In his mind he imagined what might be ahead, but didn’t really have any idea … (to be continued)

  1. Desiree G says:

    Looks like you found a remedy for that problem we were discussing! 😉


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