Reaching for Desire

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Poetry
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That night

after sweating out the dance floor

i wanted to take you

not on a cruise

not across the universe

I wanted to take you

in the back alley

and watch your sweet smile

turn my desires upside down

That night

I watched your sundress move

across the floor while you played catch up

with the eyes around you

each man another quest that would go home alone

unrequited by your natural grace

That night

you sent them all home

wondering about you

while they jacked off at the memory,

legs twisting across the floor

full vibrancy to play with our loins

That night

in the back alley

we made love against sandstone bricks

that left your shoulders with a chalky dust

while I kissed you

I felt your arms around my neck

elbows resting upon my shoulders

while my tongue and mouth and lips and thighs and center

teased every notion of you

tasting the sweat off your skin

Last night

I really believed my imagination.

I would love your commentary

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