Is It?

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Poetry
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Is it


To lust over your body

is like taking a journey

along soft channels of streaming water

on a lovely sunlit summer morning

Is it


If when you walk past me

my sigh is purely directed towards

the essence of you

your smell

your style

your surreal beauty

perhaps even your boots?

Is it


If deep inside my eyes

that cannot look away from you

is a spiritual awakening that sparks

the beautiful passion of the human condition?

Is it


That asks you to understand how you move me

when in a moment

you toss your hair back and breathe into the lovely nature

of you as you are

physical and enticing

while your mind basks in the elegance

of you!

  1. gigi2377 says:

    Swoon… you capture the essence of longing beautifully, erotic but bittersweet in all it’s minute glory.


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