Caution the Eyes

Posted: April 6, 2014 in Poetry
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She bends over willingly  in front of me

to perhaps adjust her shoe

I imagine her knees locked

I don’t move a muscle

She looks at me, head, tucked and frowns upside down

She knows I’m in her sundress

riding the inside of her thighs with my thumbs

while my eager hands slide along the back, naked,

now easing yearning fingertips around the front of her posture …

He tapped me on the shoulder

said, ‘ya like what ya see’

walked between his wife and me

gathered up her belongings by her side

and as she stood up, they strolled away his look was snide

her sundress flowing in the afternoon streams of daylight,

glances my way and presses lips upside down, coy,

a pouty, sassy, relish me, sort of … smile.

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