I Still Yearn

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Poetry
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You were drunk and so pretty

I only wanted your lovely lips pressed upon me

I walked up to you to say hello

anxiety, feeling tension in my neck, afraid to look

other people never matter now


in the moment we connect

your smile, a hug, your breasts kissing my chest

through the wet fabric of your dancing ensemble

I didn’t know you,

didn’t deserve you,

you didn’t see me

didn’t want me

All the whispers in my head while the drums bared on

I was nonchalant


I really wanted to be banging you all night long

how many hours had i



grabbed hold and held your vision in my mind


you were right there

a winsome smile and when I walked away

I forgot about the alcohol

and realized how petty I was to cancel that moment,


your expression framed the booth window

watching me,

I see your beauty in my mind only now

I’m left with your yearning elegance, again.

I would love your commentary

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