Do it to me, Why!

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Poetry
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Because I need to know in a moment’s notice

that I can count on you at any notion of avarice.

That mental drive in my head that screams

let me caress her lightly while she dreams,

is only asking for a release.

My stress will only increase

until I can feel your hands take hold

with certain authority that of my bold

desire while my eyes watch you

stroking the beauty of my true

inner soul. Taste that piece of me that only I control,

wrap your fingertips upon me as my sanity you stole.

That feels luxurious, now watch my eyes rolling

slowly, effortlessly, your painted nails controlling

my inner being, your tongue now fluctuates

between that heady tip that inflates

with every flitting tease

Oh good, oh yes, oh please!

Ah, urging, penetrating, such peace

wanton abandon, desire, your piece

of ass in my hands

your gasp demands

I now envelop you with soft kisses deliberate

you had me at let’s follow, (huh?); oh how you operate

upon my fleeting need to simply relax

in your arms safe, spent, sweet climax.


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