Sex and Making Love

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Poetry
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How do we distinguish the two

when one hands the other the same

outcome …

desire, taste, sensation, delight, passion, release

Wait a second

If I want to have sex I want that departure,

that desire to unleash all of my animal instincts

plunge deep inside of you in the throes of

making … sex!

I do love that though, so I am confused.

Oh wait, but I don’t love you.

I just want to use you

by touching every point of arousal on your body,

causing you to writhe with unbridled desire

until you reach climax again while fingertips tweak your hidden desire.

I want to empty myself inside you without

thinking about anything but losing myself by

consumate … sex!

Oh, I do love that word!

Yet, where is the disconnect

besides stepping away while we wipe each other down with towels,

damp cloths that return our sanity.

Ah, I get it now.

When I am inside of you and your back is arching,

and my mouth is searching for a nipple while my fingertips

are being suckled by your delightful lips,

my thrusts deeper reaching a moment together

sweaty, pounding climactic threshold held together

by our eyes as we search inside, smiles, lips clasping

tongues driving until my last dive,

your reception the most beautiful moment I can imagine.

We lay together in our juices,

in our sweat,

in our lust,

we want to stay there forever, after …

making love!

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