What I Imagine

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Poetry
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When I lie back in bed

half open eyes

aroused imagining you

beginning your journey

fingertips again

always soft, teasing, purposeful

circles along your naked shoulders

imagining my tongue

drawing your passion letting an open palm

slide a feathery glance

across a rising nipple

that one tease, taste, time my tongue with purpose.

while I remain there for as long as you wish

my hand has found your buttocks, 

my fingertips reaching your wetness

while gasps drive my hot desire

I’m naked in bed

remember I am not there

but you have already started your travel

eyes closed imagining being touched

with release, wanton lust to whatever degree

you desire that remains delightful.

I wish I could imagine exactly the pulse

of your self-taught desire

or at least I might yearn for your soft caress

that wild abandon

that throws seduction in your eyes

when any time I glance upon your elegance.

I would love your commentary

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