Without You, Again

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Poetry
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If on a given day

we might all get what we want,

could we then have some peace?

How do we desire

what we cannot have

yet continue to yearn?


If while my eyes undress you

your glance tells me otherwise

I’m left with a less hopeful


If when we both decided we would risk

everything to sin

we could remain those innocent

lost souls,

maybe then the aftermath

would be sweeter than the bitter taste

that remains while I realize my goals,

are to figure out that concept,


In nature we thrive in moisture

to allow blossom

to delight our eyes;

without certain damp textures

we might not feel sinewy response

so delicious to our skin

our loins,

our truly satisfied climax.

We feel

as we might

the afterward

and there begin to wonder again

just how lonely are we now

outside the womb.


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