Measured Lust

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Poetry
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That moment when I want you


papers slip out of my hands and the look is gone.

The afternoon last summer

when thirty years later,

all I could imagine is


slipped out of my hands

when young my world existed through

measured lust.

That night we went parking

and I waited for your hands to grasp my erection

I was too stoned to look and see

the bored expression

that eventually asked me to take you home.

That first night at the movie theater

when having a coke nearby

I glanced your way

to have your sundress offer my eyes

a naked nipple that might soon be mine.

Measured Lust.

The waiting for desire

that has driven my animal since I began

to question society’s restraints

or wanting to grapple

while a feverish blond

held me down with her tongue

arms stretched beyond need only

allowances of thrust

waiting for her slide home

coming inside a world of drawn beauty

created through timely caress,

measured lust.

Perhaps we all have different airs

upon which our lives become

entangled with a desire

a passion

a flourish:

Measured Lust.


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