Moving Earth

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Poetry
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That solid ground

beneath our feet.

Hold fast to the sound

Quite a feat.

We imagined anyone nearby

to be spellbound

by our lovemaking cry,

every sensual zone found.

Wrap your arms around me

feel my lips devour you;

let me taste sweet victory,

a quest out of the blue.

A dim-lit night spot

sound familiar?

Every fantasy is caught

wishing for such fire.

eyes glance and smile

skin exposed and hot

the dance floor is vile

with everyone’s last shot.

Lights arise to us sweaty 

lingering in our desire,

hoping your eyes heavy

wish only this fire

within my body to unload

a flurry of passions

meant only then to explode

upon your naked skin

delightful to my touch

losing myself within

your lips as much

allow my driving urge

while lying still below me

all my wrath to purge

upon your beauty free

in my arms to hold

and kiss, caress and touch

with lost abandon bold

your elegance truly too much

rocking your wet release upon me

losing all sense of time

while my lips explore such beauty

as is in your eyes sublime

I felt the earth my love evoked

with you as one that sultry night

Wishing only to be stroked

as you did my sex so tight

We came inside a dream of desire

only to know delightful fire


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