Then, She Said

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Poetry
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Touch me

like you do.

We had doves outside our window.

I reached my hand and silk

soft circles, a slight dampness just below

would have to wait

while I played her passionate eyes

hair spread upon naked shoulders

one eye cushioned upon a pillow

sparkling, pleading, ready to roll.

Sweet smile and teeth holding her tongue

body moves

breasts draped in a single sheet shifts

steady rhythms

a nipple exposed

eyes connected I move my mouth to taste

her delicious nectar …

gasps and circles become teasing taps

my middle fingertip just bounces upon

that same silk

index fingertip finds the lining

and I pull back

mouth away from nipple with a parting dash of my tongue

to look into her eyes now

I feel my rise and want her hands

yet, when I see her smile realize

this all began that day when while

I swoon …

Touch me then, she said.

  1. Minutest details have been given by using beautiful words. Nice.


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