Playful Banter

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Poetry
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Saucy, selective, sensual eyes

I noticed you across the room

While hopeful

Imagined a connection without having

Imagined if you’d

Glanced my way in a discreet study


These are the moments the human condition

Allows an energy to raise the hair on the back

Of my now fingertips caressing neck

As eyes settle upon the window landscape

Just past your searching glance

Quick, connected, and look away


Next moment calls for body language

Legs casually crossed to tighten a region

So delightful to a set of delicious lips

A tongue might slip across a parted

Vacuum of inhaled passion

The tip of my toe begins a dance

In circles and emulates a naked desire


We might play all afternoon

The heat of touch just out of reach

An intellectual orgy contained

In the quiet reality of public scrutiny

I will slide my fingertips along my inner thighs

To an onlooker a quiet massage

While your squirm indicates my seductive …


Leggings and jeans, wanton and surreal

We watch our arousal begin today’s language.

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