Objectify Me Please

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Poetry
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While I watch you move about your day

I see you

I notice your calm demeanor

I wonder if when my eyes stray

Yours might come near me

Wishing every moment might be shared

Missed opportunities

Might explain the perpetual smile

We will remark upon one another

Comfortable strangers


I would like you to objectify me please

Lick your lips when eye contact occurs

Let me see you imagine my arousal

Hot skin and stretched limbs aching

Touch, breathe, sigh

Our moment plays in the public sphere

Circling around our ideals

Wanton passions driving energy

A mirror arrives

Letting you see my own desire

In passing who decides the proper setting


Walk quiet swoon into my world with your eyes

Allow the moment’s rampant desire sweet tease

  1. Chaz Vargas says:

    Thank you for such sexy prose.


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