Where We Go

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Poetry
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When the sky falls

dreams become nightmares

night terrors that recall sweet moments

only when we reflect

on what might have been.

It’s always that vision

the ultimate response;

eyes first, searching

lips, are parting

while you the reader, the speaker

begin to recognize

a growing passion.

Like to have her notice

if only a smile directed toward

response, release, respect.

the skin, the heart, the mind

for even when objective desire

becomes labeled, described, defeated,

we are still left with the yearning

Cross my path

again it is your sundress

making my eyes want only to delve

upon your curves

mouth melting inhibitions.

I want to slide my hands along the fabric

that defines your naked skin.

Sunlit moments,

when all of our unbridled passions


leave us standing in a quiet oasis

feeling each other out

just before we begin


feed one another

with strong hands

massage my skin

awkward moments

reveal our able hearts to blend desire

with physical elights.

Taste me, taste you, roll your tongue along my …

while your soft, milky, firm

moan again while my hands find you

and allow our souls

to travel where we go.

sliding upon my chest, with a knowing direction –

simple and driven

gasps, lips, erection, wet

we all know where we go

when wanton desire

suggests we are free.

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