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Posted: May 1, 2014 in Poetry
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The guy in the corner

who never really knows

what good a challenger

does faced with the throes

of humanity at large.

One might imagine him,

big ass presence as a barge

light as feathers in  a whim.

Perhaps that isn’t the sight

we conceive at all when

crossing paths now tonight

we wish so much too often.

We watch the television ads

the beautiful people dance

across the screen we’re mad

with envy at only the chance.

Yet, in that quiet moment

sitting over in the corner

can’t you see the sole lament

of a one time pretty purser

who only now can become

the man of your dreams

without the glitz he’ll come

flowing in rivers in streams

of languid peace, delight

the sorts of wonderment

we all wish for tonight

when we realize we meant

to hold onto our lives

rather live by less shallow

extremes. He that strives

to be that sort of mellow

hot hunk of humanity

will forget all of his own

sense of true sanity

lost in hopes to be known.

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