Posted: May 2, 2014 in Essays
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I woke to you, eyes closed, a naked shoulder, and began to trace my index finger along your skin setting off in a sensual journey. I love these moments when we are together, and nature speaks outside our windows to provide a lovely harmony as we begin. Sunlight only starting to radiate the room. Yours is a dream like state, that will transition to eyes opening in a soft arousal, while mine is mastering the beauty of your waking self at the hands of me. At this time, you are my statuesque art, a canvas waiting to have visual evidence of pure elegance. I draw with a certain design in mind, that will cause pleasure to the eye.

My brush travels your arm, being sure to touch that region within your elbow, then falling off onto your stomach, my other hand pulling away the bed linens to expose your naked skin, a fabric of undergarments now shielding last night’s wild abandon, turning human reality into a climactic joyride until wrapped sweetly in silks to rest willing. My fingertip travels upward to your left breast hanging with its delicious mass letting your nipple descend as a beacon that will soon satisfy the oral need of my now wet lips in anticipation. I run my fingertip around your breast slowly gathering intensity while gradually finding your nipple. And when I do, my eyes still upon your shuttered bliss, I do now notice your lips part, a slight gasp, that for me allows my mind to imagine I have entered your dream. My fingertip is joined by two or three others only for a few minutes as I caress that nipple, the release and let only the skin of my palm play sweet pressure on your nakedness, soft circles that bring you to life.

Eyes open, and my mouth reaches for yours to say … good morning!

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