If I Were You

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Poetry
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How might I feel asked the rabbit in the corner of the room

when all I can imagine is your eyes

looking at me

undressing me

tasting me

as the saliva drips creepily outside of your lips

I wonder if you know how unattractive that is while you

in your quiet corner

beat yourself up for not providing the Adonis image

that your mind believes I want.

But you don’t really know me do you?

I could pounce on you and beat you silly

my floppy ears becoming weapons

Yet all you might keep in mind

is my sweet, delicious, pink like twitch

that helps distract from the pain in my eyes.

I wish sometimes I might be that woman

who everyone wants me to be.

Yet, when I look in the mirror

I find I am as frightened as anyone else would be …


the pretty vision in the center of the room.


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