Moments Always Remain

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Poetry
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I used to think it would end

like a sun-streaked morning

after a heavy rain

but the storms just lingered

longer than I figured

twenty years of waking

to the same questions

same desires

same confusion

and yet somehow I keep going

my mind keeps asking, wishing

my mind keeps hoping

there will be a time when it does not remain.

its the heavy rain

that reminds me

everything comes down upon our world

whether we seek shelter

or take a stroll

we all remain the same

wishing and wondering

hoping and praying

some time down the road

we might come to terms

with accepting

the same questions

may always remain

Perhaps the key

might be

can only be

a leap

a choice to take a ride

knowing roller-coasters from hell

always remain.

  1. rrearick says:

    Has a bitter sweet ring of melancholy. Simple, delicate words.


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