Surviving the Unknown

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Poetry
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Here I will talk about my fears

the sort of thing I like to avoid

hear I will imagine deaf ears

those moments create a void.

Seems when we publicly respond

to those moments of despair

we step deep in to a pond

of mire, gasping now for air.

These are the days when I

seem lost in a natural haze

trying in vain to remove my eyes

of the pain that deceit displays.

Hours and hours of time go by

and it all remains the same

when often too too tired to cry

we simply stay ahead of the game.

when will our hearts true allow

the matters of life be known

when will our pride not swallow

the value of loss that we own

when our world collides in word

when our mind becomes questioned

when the game becomes so absurd

we can only decide we are mentioned.

Mention me to your neighborhood

while cognizant we are the common good

I would love your commentary

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