Late Night Coffee

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Poetry
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We decided


in separate worlds

to stimulate our minds



carry over the allure of liquor

feeding our desire.

A sip

a new stimuli …

we’re miles away,

yet in our fantasy,

next to one another.

We may mingle

with our chosen gathering

yet I know your head

is in my lap

while my fingertips

explore every inch of naked skin

your pleading eyes allow.

While sitting in the sunroom


washing the midnight sky

damp hands smoke a cigarette

in silent stoic solitude

I look at you across the city

and see the reflection of the moon

in your sparkling elegance

wondering why we wait.

Late night coffee

offers such vibrant dreams.



  1. graceh13 says:

    Nice dream and imagination. And a nice write, too.


  2. our twilight is very much similar today perhaps, truly, the moon outside is the same.


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