When the Circle Began

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Poetry
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I was only a young boy

had just learned about pain

realized I wanted something more

that’s when the circle began.

I waited

nothing returned

only a ghost

that would give hollow hello

I walked outside the next day

found new friends

filling the void

of your departure

Every time I began to 

pay attention

someone new

reminded me of you.

That’s when I realized I needed

to be held

not by you

that’s when I discovered woman

in all of her beauty

mystery and elegance

such grace and sweet flavor

that I hadn’t yet tasted

I began to understand

a new preoccupation

as I slowly let you go.

Yet, I was still confused

leaving that boy behind

to recognize the perils of man.

  1. So well said… the pain of a break-up, the help of friends, the wonders of women.


  2. thanks, appreciate the words – the loss was a childhood friend to an accident, but the intent and meaning does certainly parallel.


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