Dance With Me

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Poetry
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Do dance

on me, with me, around me

move your body to the rhythm

let me feel you come alive

eyes are focused as your move demands the next turn

the next twist, every muscle combined

to sweep your shoulders, legs, hips

with a certain passion that tells me i just want to explore your grace.

Dance with me

while my mind loses itself inside your eyes

staring directly, driving me, taunting me,

while your sweet comes alive, moves, twists

gyrates in such a manner I can only imagine you wrapping your legs around me

in the throes,

in the gasps of sexual release.

Can that beauty I see sweeping the floor to the blues

rock my world inside a dream of desire and climax

Yes I can, you can, we can

dance; dance with me on every floor.

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