When You Move

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Poetry
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I was drawn to you

sinewy, delightful, grace

sweet soul caresses my dance floor

the one I was watching

when you appeared

like the quiet riffs of a jazzy tone

your Athena smoothed the tiles

tracing circles with your eyes

hair flowing to the groove.

I remember every moment of just you

putting the room into a blur

a sharp outline of sweeping elegance

teasing my insides with a stir

of lovely anxiety knowing I was lost

in only a visual surreal sojourn

sensuous in a quiet innocence.

I wanted to know you

have you, feel you , take you in my arms

and twirl with a rhythm you are giving me

I cannot decide which way to go

willing I will slide inside your warmth

rocking, tracing, breathing wanton desire.

Feel me so alive

when you move.

I would love your commentary

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