Done By Proxy

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Poetry
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She’s lovely

her unbridled sensuality

tracing her fingertips

in a seductive journey;

a traveling artist.

I love to watch her perform

biting her lips

while hands explore

eyes watching me

I wonder what is happening inside

she knows my pleasure,

plays me like a fine wine

I’m hers she says with a

nervous smile.

She will finish


long after I do

when her boredom catches up

to her lonely … longing

that part of life

she’s has long forgotten

having remained preoccupied

with absurd realities,

those that entertain

without fulfilling


not even her own needs.

Yet, tonight, I watch her


she fills my void

that later will wreak havoc

on my sense of balance

while she, well, another set of eyes

has her,

and another

has her,

and one more, two, fifteen


has her,

until that final performance

in the eyes of a barrel.

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