Pain and Tattoos

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Poetry
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She said it was the pain that most attracted her

skin to want to be teased with a burning needle.

I wandered through the night trying to figure

why my touch that tease toward pleasure

couldn’t satisfy her need.

I thought about every time I took my fingertips

and traced naked skin searching soothing an arousal

running the underside of her breasts with yearning lips

all of this was meant to be pleasure

waxing romantic well into the twilight

until our sated exhaustion brought us respite.

And the morning she was off to a parlour

like an addict in search of tease, a different sort

colors and pigment and needles that destroyed

the very walk my tongue and touch had traveled before.

I wondered about that pain

and yearned for the mornings

she lay satisfied after my world

and hers became one in the wet, soaking

sweat and rinse of a good thrashing

only pleasure

no pain

well, at least I didn’t realize there might be that different

sort of anxious reality …


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