Soft Delicate Flower

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Poetry
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tease whispers

speaks naked arousal

like a soft breeze

on cool morning dew

I felt your center

yearning my desire

reach inside gentle push

slight gasps meant sweet

hold delicious round circles

your nipple rises in my lips

gasps grow audible

hands slide behind your back


my chest and shoulders

look for contact as my hands explore,

your legs reach inside my thighs

our bodies intertwine

lips caress and tongues drive.

We are love-making

we are having sex

we are, yes, oh, we are, you, getting so

very ready to …

Then I stop

I look at your pleading eyes

naked body in my sight

your smile suggests

anywhere I desire I may have you.

your center is alive, waiting

while my desire builds

my fingertips tease your lips

follow a tongue that only

wants your gasps to breathe passion.

I want to treat you

your beauty, elegance

soft delicate flower

waits to glisten with touch


I would love your commentary

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