Darker Snapshots

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Poetry
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The ones they never see

deeply driven dilemmas

kind of a hostile reality

covers many karmas

that are often ignored

by the daily grind.

See these are the psyche

driven mind blowing

head tripping dogmas

We walk around with all the time

choose to only reveal them at a certain


the believing hour

when nothing else matters

except feeling right about that time

You remember,

when you made a statement

and everyone disagreed

after you were gone

never while you were nearby

too difficult

too real

gotta step out in order to step upon.

Those are the darker pictures

we always wish we might see

but when we get up close

we step away


nearly to death

do us part

or tear us apart

because only then do we know

what it is we truly might see.

I would love your commentary

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