The Way She Walks

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Poetry
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I drove in

afternoon sun streaming

she walked slow

that was truly intriguing

slipping by store windows

facades that exposed her grace

blue wrap teasing upper breasts

a flow to her thighs 

parting sweetly with every stride.

I thought,

ah, lovely,

coffee would be nice …

follow sensual legs

beside myself with her energy

I watched her order

without looking at her

for fear her eyes might catch me

elegance in motion

she stared straight ahead

gave her phone number

to the barrister

I purposely didn’t listen.

Have you ever met a woman

so delicious

your loins ached as you tried

to give her space

yet, I wanted her so badly

to look at me and simply say yes

not a hello

we were well past that moment

though in my eyes

hers were shaded, enticing.

A woman of such solace

knows her audience

in a delightful manner

without boast.

In the blur of the moment

I now focused on my order

as I felt her wisp by my back

moving toward a new desire.

my opportunity

remained in the lovely essence

of experience,

the remarkable image

her silent stroll left me

Sun-streaked afternoon,

my weekend has begun.

  1. A beautiful ode appreciating a beautiful, elegant woman.


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