Image-In My Eyes

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Poetry
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I wonder about these moments

when I tire of looking at the beautiful people

I wonder who is the designated judge?

I know I am, are you, and her, and that guy over there

Is any one person immune of that moment

when society’s picture begin to seem absurdly

uh, perfect?

Because that’s just what I feel right now,

I don’t think I am jealous

about the artist’s depiction of 


ripe juices settling just below her lip line

giving her that wet, suck me dry sort of poise.

I’m not upset

about the jeans that package his impressionable abs

to an impactful degree

while I readjust my shirt to hide my lines.

I just want to feel right about this day.

It has rained a lot, and the texture of soft rain

envelops our world with a surreal tease.

We are always part of a greater picture.

When oh when can we accept our fate

and recognize the treats we see that arouse our soul

are simply as easy as the moment we do let go.

I would love your commentary

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