Thoughts on a Day

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Poetry
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I think about that day sometimes

the miles of silent highway

after many weeks of

delightful sexual release.

That is what I recall

wondering how we became

so lost in the analysis

of the game.

That day

there was passion to be

less affectionate

far more angry.

We were that outcome

we always believed we wouldn’t

ever need to deal with.

We were only having sex

painting the back walls of a

late model subaru.

Well, it was roomy

but we are beyond that now.

Today it is a vehicle

of pain

the many reminders

how we each

began to walk away

from this sort of

uncanny ride.

now that’s ironic I suppose

when the journey

becomes an awkward interplay

rather than the erotic turns

we used to wander through at night.

Today in the broad-streaked sun-lit

morning sky

we both realized

that night would never come again.

I would love your commentary

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