Wannabe Desires

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Poetry
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I always wanted to be them

those sneaking around

with stories that curled me

teased me

sent me searching 

mirror images.

What charm opens your world 

the touch, passion, desire to make me

dependent upon your sex.

Help me to figure out the persona

Master & Subs

I’ve always believed submissive ideals

were my inability to be aggressive.

Lacking any follow-through

stepping down before the moment.

Suddenly I’m weak

unattractive within my perversity.

How do we become the judge,

the master, 

the aggressor,

and not take away their smiles.

I’m a wannabe gangster in my own mind

anyone within my world

will chuckle

to imagine I’m serious.

When did the playful sensuality

become a stark reality.


  1. I’m crazy about this poem, and the ending is just superb!


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