Trigger Facade

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Poetry
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When last I checked I knew you were unhappy

walking alone while the masses peered upon your

privacy, a simple stroll would be acceptable but

when you dress like that well, ‘I told you so’

I am an aggressive male that likes to see you

dress provocative in your ‘see me smile’

wardrobe, silks and linens enhance your sensual

nature toward making me want to have you.

When I can catch a peek down your blouse

the very nature of your breasts enhanced by

my forbidden peer gives me an arousal that

would snare a glare if ever you really knew.

Or would it really cause such an alarm if

the truth were revealed of our innocent passion,

driven by societal taboo in a manner revisited

by the tenets of puritanical extremes. Oh please

will you get off your high horse and recognize

she only wishes for your respect without

having to meet your agenda every time she

dons a silk blouse underneath a sleek blazer.

The other day she had sleepy eyes, so sexy

and yesterday her leggings made me scream

inside my mind, hoping she would ah, bend

overwhelmed we are by such sick scrutiny.

Someone mentioned to me in my 6th grade

health class that the opposite sex is forbidden.

Somehow that met me with a certain challenge

a desire to taste the waters that hold a demon.

Now today we are watching ourselves evolve

into the very pathetic and judgmentally driven

society we so like to flaunt accusation toward.

When did we forget the human body is sacred,

a temple of delightful sensuality, a muse

that allows our mind the simple freedoms

of enjoyment, satisfaction, passionate delights.

Oh, to have our lives be once recognized as

innocents who desire only certain love

only certain gifts of giving rather than taking

only realize our lives are meant to share each

other’s beauty without ever the notion of take!

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