Follow a Tear Drop

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Poetry
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She was pretty

that afternoon

her favorite skirt

with a blouse that

made even her swoon.

Standing in front of the mirror

waiting for her friends to call.

When they did

she ran outside

excited to be the new kid

who already had friends.

They both welcomed her into

the car, so cool to not be on a bus

she got in, smiled

they glanced at each other first

and smiled back, later.

See, that’s how it began

until we caught up later

the blouse ripped,

the skirt torn and muddied

her smile now gone forever

hidden behind a painful, hate you, angst driven

silent expression.

What happens to human nature

when we become jealous

is a mystery that even the most likely

candidate of normalcy struggles to live with.

That normal that we call our neighbors kid

is just another facade for angry youth.

Gender doesn’t come into play

when evil wears its valor in dismay.

Her girlfriends really wanted her innocence

and when the path began to darken

and she turned for guidance

all she could witness

was their fear manifest in their legs

running away

still not realizing the pain

they had left their new friend

to silently endure.

We do need sometimes to recognize

how our actions

in the blink of an eye

might destroy another one’s

naivete, passion, simple trust.

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