On Love Notions

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Poetry
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We are so skewed

on a regular basis

we let ourselves

eschew enamored

dance delightful

shout smitten

and then we like to call it love.

For many it is true,

we seldom see the blue …

clouds suddenly encompass

a rather sunny day

and we are again

wondering where we went while

the sunlight disappeared.

Do we often blame ourselves

for losing that certain light,

allowing our internal fears

to extinguish any sense of, ah

ascertained sight.

Oh, we were on that love thing,

that part of us that keeps us going.

Really does y’know,


keeps us going.

No matter the storms ahead

if we have that feeling

that notion,

knowing we are loved,

we can accomplish anything.

Heard it before yes I know

how many times,

when deep in the mire of a thoughtless


we were told just know you are loved.

Awesome, I’m free then …

I would love your commentary

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