Seduce Me Naturally

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Poetry
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I feel quite silly when I think about it

how much I justify being a male with desire

I spend my day deep inside a fantasy world

some might imagine it to be rather immature

well I can’t really say

because I still haven’t gotten my way.

I suppose that might be a childish ploy

to hope you might be willing

um, you could show me really what is


happening in your eyes when you look my way.


I wonder if we all walk around with this melody

that rhythm of human nature that wants to sway

another human being to recognize their desire

make allowances that give themselves to another

for really when I think about how you look

across the way, in tight jeans and a blouse that does

give away

I wish I could appreciate your will to want to show

your beauty without anyone trying to take it away

with angry sentiments that cause you such dismay

oh, indeed I need to get away from this routine

symbolism, this banter of words, that sound cliche.


After all, I am as human as the next guy here

and when all is said and done, we do similar moves

when I walk down the street your eyes will turn my head

long before your body has made me yearn instead

your looking into my soul until my eyes become afraid

and then I’m still wondering how far inside I allowed

your mindset to enter my world, my secret garden

of desire and lust and erotica and sensual display.

Finding that balance is such an easy statement

when caught up in the throes of beauty across the room.

How else might I begin my day without being honest

that what you provide my sights in the moment

really do contain every fiber of fascination I can display.


Oh to find my thoughts and recognize a balance

so that every moment I believe is not simple chance.

  1. TylerVaden says:

    This is great! You should check out some of my poetry that I’m starting to release. I find it to be quite liberal as well.


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