Posted: June 10, 2014 in Poetry
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I could write all night long

and the words would be the same

they’d have different rhymes

different ways to communicate

but the end result

the following thoughts

those would all continue to dwell

upon just how much I miss you.

I would tell you about laying down

by the city lake and threading

a piece of bark

while I absently searched inside your eyes

for your words that were saying good bye.

I held onto that naked twig

for many years later

a sort of keep sake

in the hopes that maybe one day

I might show it to you

and all that energy I’d held for you

would come bring me away from this blue

horizon I have drifted along

for the last how many years.

I wrote you a poem one day,

twenty years ago,

about a movie that reminded me

of how we used to dance and sway.

I didn’t want a reply only a longing

I hoped you wouldn’t mind if I felt

like prolonging any memory

you might still have of me.

Tonight I walk amongst the trees

in my suburban world

with my well groomed yards

and emaciated social ex-ray wives

all searching for some avenue

to express their own quiet sojourn.

I wonder about you and your …

I would love your commentary

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