Do You See Me

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Poetry
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I was there with you that afternoon

when no one expected anyone

we only meant to share time

at a game, a gathering of friends

and you stood out

and I just smiled

and you looked my way

and I felt complete

now the dynamics of this event play out

we all meet again later that night

the table puts us together

I want you and I feel alone

every smile, every glance of your eyes

are signals

reasons to live

a dozen of us together

and everyone knows except me.

There’s where the story takes a turn

when we lose our ability

to recognize the signs

to allow our energy to shine.

I wonder sometimes if its that simple

when I reflect upon those moments.

We play a lot of games with one another

long before we ever dream of sharing

that first kiss

sweet, real, yearning

How often do we imagine acting upon our desire

long before we actually know we really exist.

I would love your commentary

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