The Morning News

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Poetry
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We picked up where we left off

groggy and holding a cup with purpose

the fog of embrace is sweet

watching you move through the space

breasts I caressed, inner thighs my mouth explored

now teased with a fabric that settles my nerves.

I do have memory

of not wanting to let go

when our eyes drifted apart

my hands held on searching legs pulling

chest wishing yours might never let go.

Why couldn’t our eyes stay together

why the trailing off

and physical torrents so apparent.

When I tried to lay on top of you

in as gentle a turn I could

I watched your face twist into the sheets

hiding your soul while my fingertips found your hair

massaging the back of your head

as you then pushed your buttocks towards my need

asking me to finish the moment,

or truly just begin again.

We fought with a madness of passion

that only two lonely creatures could imagine

I knew you earlier as that

dialogue driven debutante

for fantasy freed

both of our quiet realities …

now today, I wasn’t sure how long it might be

before you mentioned the resonant phrase,

I have to be going, thanks so much,

I glanced toward my trembling hands only to realize

the coffee was gone as I watched you empty your soul.


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