Nights and Girlfriends

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Poetry
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I asked you if I could write you a poem

a smile and you turned away

he can’t be serious are the words I felt

as I looked at long flowing bangs, lovely

and then conversation

you gave me a chance

we chatted about many things

we would forget about

later in the night

except the one,

I would write you that poem.

As I remember tonight

the words were my driving desire

my lips plead, lashing your shoulders

feeding your neck

as your eyes rolled back

my words would tease your skin

to such a desire that rather than

turn away you might lean

and my hands hold your shoulders

while gently searching your arousal

sweet ears sensual take my mind away

from last night’s pain.

We were in the immediate

and as my last words hit the paper

I looked for your smile

facing me, trusting me

to only show you love

sereneĀ elegance, your designs

that invite my pen deep inside your soul.

I would love your commentary

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