On Being Male

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Poetry
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I would ask your forgiveness

externalized passions

When one day I realized

I loved you

I hadn’t thought of all the angles

respect, delight, anticipation, response

so many of those now apparent

realities escaped my mind when once

I noticed you as a shimmer in the light.

I became muddled in my haste to

touch, opine, caress, offer sweet taste

to such beauty and grace in my eyes

This confusion could only grow with age

when realizing my innocence had departed

and no longer was I alone

but these inner demons became obvious

in a society, this one chosen for me

that obscures the true nature of woman

with billboards, and screen shots, and audio

all designed to enhance yet somewhere

loses its dignity in a reversal of spiritual freedom.

Forgive me for the man I am that lusts

upon the ever charm, you are nature’s sensual desire;

reflecting upon your water’s innocence does so move me.

I would love your commentary

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