Fragrance Sense

Posted: June 14, 2014 in Poetry
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Three scenarios

all with their own chapters

stories that are known

heard and told

realized and wondered

about the special fragrance

in how we enhance our beauty

A woman may choose to tease

or drown in a certain perfume.

I choose the tease that works

its way into my sexual drive

when lost in the moment

of bliss, desire, searching …


The room was not drafty

when she rolled in with her friends

her perfume wafted readily

the fragrances simple and bold

her friends had immunities

more tolerable than those

that only just encounter her arrival.

We have all experienced this moment

How do you speak

to the purveyor of such

a difficult reality without offense.


In the gathering bodies

interplayed with each other

on dance floors

saddled up to the bar

straddling chairs

with provocative looks.

she strolled by with a smile

and left herself with me

sultry in her careful

adornment of silk honey

she would please the eye

as much as her delightful

manner of playing a man’s sense

of sensual foreplay.


We rolled atop silk linens

sliding and twisting, a fever

lips meeting like the first time

tongues driving

I could feel her passion

smell her desire

the strong scent of her woman

drew my lips down naked skin

sliding inside of wanton breasts

the hot skin mixed with elegance

my senses alive

tongue traveling toward

her inner center

where last droplets

carefully placed would

drive my head, my cheeks, eyes

every part of me wanting to touch

to trace circles upon her passion


We are driven by the fragrance of our erotic

notions, wishing surreal her sweet perfection.

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