Boundaries & Marriage (part 2)

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Essays
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I have recently found a new freedom in this blog and that is due to all of you. When I began this ‘provocative’ chapter in my life, I had intentions of simply finding an avenue to release my sexual tension, to allow my inner self to expose some of the notions that stir in my mind so frequently. I love fantasy, and I adore the opportunity to recognize other contributions to the same genre. I have read many delightful poems, and some incredibly enticing essays in this particular vein of wordpress, and I am now assured that I am not alone with my private postures, as I tend to call them.

I sometimes find myself enthralled by the words people share here, and as I reflect upon their titillating dialogue, I try to imagine the person themselves, and wonder if they are in the throes of their fantasy or are they just writers. I know that on occasion when I can really throw myself into a piece, I am incredibly aroused, yet, I am always hoping that is because my desire is for the reader to feel the same sensation. If I only wrote to arouse myself, well then, I might be accused of narcissism. Wait a second …

Many of you have given me lovely insights into my marriage and the need for communication. I believe that is a huge aspect of our current struggles, and one might suggest that my time and energy here is also responsible. Please know I have offered my partner access to everything I write – she is indeed aware of my idiosyncrasies, thankfully, after all of these years. That said, I will continue to explore the surreal nature of this site, and at the same time use what I might from your words, your suggestions, your travels, to better enhance our world. That brings me to another notion.

I do watch TV. Recently I have been seeing an advertisement for a new television series called, ‘Satisfaction.’ Anyone familiar? The premise from what I can see is that a couple has decided they need to go out with new partners in order to find satisfaction in their marriage. Now, I don’t think my partner will go for that, so I am wondering, how plausible is this theory. I know the activity exists, but I wonder truly, what it says about our society as a state of mind today. Whenever I see the ad, it leaves me a bit yearning, a bit envious, curious, and frustrated all at the same time. Well, that seems to be the American way? Probably not, but a good premise to carve away at I suppose.

I recently had a new friend refer to the ability to keep the flesh safe with all of the precarious natures of this society of blogging we are in. That is true, but like anything else, there comes responsibility. So, for all of you lovely, passionate people out there who allow me to delight in your words and find some enticement with my own, please, always, hold, me, accountable, if indeed, you sense I am losing my way.

For now, I have my morning coffee and will begin to celebrate the joy and reward of being a father.

  1. Wet Bliss says:

    No, you are not alone – may we continue to enjoy shared words on this provocative journey. Happy Fathers Day.


  2. I am all for spicing up the love life, but swinging is only rationalized infidelity and will lead to huge problems down the road. Just my humble opinion.


    • Certainly a valid opinion, which brings me to the quandary of why I write in this blog – is all the journey for my self-satisfaction or am I seeking more? πŸ™‚


      • Well, I have learned through my pursuit of wisdom, intelligence, artistry, and self worth that the goal set at the beginning of the journey is not important. The most important point is that you start the journey and learn all you can along the way. If it is a sincere pursuit, then you will learn more than you ever thought possible. Good luck.


      • thank you πŸ™‚


  3. A thought-provoking post. You mention the freedom of your blog, of expressing your fantasies, and then reading other people’s blogs and their fantasies. I also really like doing these, too. And then there’s that TV show. I don’t know about it, but it sounds to offer another kind of fantasy, of dating others outside of marriage. This offers another voyeur opportunity, but since it’s on TV, I figure it’ll be skewed, like the rest of “reality” TV. I suppose there are marriages out there that can handle this sort of experimentation. But others wouldn’t survive so well. So there are still fantasies, created by ourselves and sparked by others. I’ll keep writing erotica and reading, too. A kind of freedom we can share.


  4. The people I know who partake in open relationships really do live against the norms of society and seem to remain normal people. They do not care that others see their relationship as taboo or dirty. As “open” as these relationships are, it really is a very private matter. Only the people involved truly understand what works for them. Everyone else on the outside can speculate and always get it wrong. I applaud people who choose to live the life they want to live and manage to ignore mass criticism.


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