Wet Rains and You

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Poetry
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I walked outside in the evening rain

skin soaked imagining

a similar vision in my mind remain

linens velvet gripping

my senses as I turned to you

a mystique afar indeed

how my need feel if with you I knew

I might your senses feed

a certain eroticism draws our eyes

to know a private world

Dream of windows, my fantasy flies

seductive, wanton, playful

My desire builds as I remove my own

garments in a certain manner

with your hands in tender

twist of wet buttons, I stammer

with such beauty before

me, I will now relax, your fingertips

trace silk garments and smile

so many miles away I want your lips

to trace my wet skin awhile.

Happy to know you might be aroused

in a discreet and delicious

tease of certain notions I have browsed.

The essence of woman

treating her touch leads, her needs

become easy, a motion

caress your inner thighs, and a breeze

swoon as your naked thighs

begin their journey with patience

now knowing I want you

I realize this is only chance

distance away I imagine 

beauty, heat, a flame rise

as you toy naked skin

arouse only your need so wise

I am a spectator

reaching to allow your soft hands

take me with you

pull firm inside with your own demands

I will respond true.

  1. All so very sensual, with the rain and silk and unbuttoning.


  2. Good job, great visualizations.


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