Real Values

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Poetry
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Like the words that fall onto the paper

my world is truly real

Walking through a fantasy, a dream, an adventure

would my outcome be surreal.

When I read your words I want to be there

to watch the passion undress your mind.

I want to feel the droplets of perspiration

cascade around the delight of your soft caress

in the manner your words suggest.

I won’t travel along horrific paths

leave that to Stephen his mind alone defeats me.

My desire lies in the seduction of your eyes

fingertips and tease, a fleeting embrace

a dark alley thrust,

that final cascading response,

delicious thirst to sexualize your day,

while your heart races as intonations

a furious flight of release

become you.

Will my words realize that vehicle

if I can only allow the separation

from my needs to listening;

your gasp, deep, restrained until explosive

with a certain writhing, arching climax!

I can only look at the paper

and breathe, heavy, for now.

That is my value I seek,

however always in you,

as a spectator I only observe,

seduce my internal fears,

erotic dreams from where I wish never to awaken.

  1. Superb imagery. I love this one!


  2. The imagery and the descriptive nature of this poem is just perfect.


  3. Wow that was breath taking and sensual. Superb job!! Loved it!!


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