Posted: June 18, 2014 in Poetry
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Those moments when we cry

we realize a lie

playing out a character

without any future

beyond the moment

that selfish need

that desire

to be acknowledged

only for a selfish motive.

Sound familiar

damn its a filter

for every frightened aspect

of that human nature

that piece of our multiculture

that one wants to get along

treat each other with respect,

but once in awhile

he needs to step out of normalcy

and play the edge,

live on that cliff side

of facades and shallow gods.

he hasn’t figured out

how to let go of that persona

that feels the arrogance

of everyone’s own natural sauna

that drying out

that recognizable hypocrisy

continues to rear its ugly

reality sucks.

Let me go

so I can

finally feel the bliss

of my humanity.

I would love your commentary

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