Broken Rage

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Poetry
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That’s when we don’t get along

get it right

figure out the chasm

when we look in each other’s eye

and realize

that’s just not happening

when we explore


garbage, trash, feces 

that were left alone where they might stay,

because when they linger

oh the tragedy of loss,

the unfulfilling menace of the 

human condition.

It is when it lets us down,

who do you say?

Our mind, our soul, our being

our wish to create and being stifled

taking the chisel away from the sculptor

suggesting you use your teeth instead,

that bare hands fucking mentality.

Broken rage,

that’s when we forget why we are

who we are when we want to be who

we have become.

It leaves us, again.

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